• Laura Harris

Work Hard, Play Hard

I wouldn’t call myself a person who loves change but I can embrace it when it’s for the best.

Recently, I’ve been reminiscing on all the amazing trips I’ve taken this summer including Vegas/ Nashville/Minneapolis with some girlfriends, Niagara Falls with my family, and Clearwater with my boyfriend. I’m still so grateful to have spent that time with the people I love but I couldn’t get work out of my head.

During the summer, there came a point where I needed to grow professionally. I knew I wanted to move into a corporate setting that possibly included some experiential marketing aspects, so I began looking. People aren’t joking when they say job hunting is a job in itself. There weren’t too many opportunities I was interested in until TransPerfect’s Event Marketing Coordinator position popped up on LinkedIn. I went slightly crazy and purchased LinkedIn Premium’s free trial month to direct message their recruitment manager and the rest is history…I officially start my new position TOMORROW!

Here are some photos from my summer trips so my lucky readers can reminisce with me *Winky face*.

I’m happy I could quickly catch everyone up with these new fall escapades. Talk to you again this winter.

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