About Laura Harris

For the past two and a half years, I had been working as an event planner for healthcare associations, quickly learning the ins and outs of the event industry. I've grown extremely confident in planning face-to-face events and have recently been using my resources and supplemental experiences to become equally as confident in planning virtual and hybrid events. While being at AMC, I've been recognized as a creative team player who strives for new opportunities and new strategies. I'm thrilled to take my event planning passions to the corporate world with TransPerfect.

Outside of work I relish the time spent with friends and family. They're my biggest cheerleaders, supporting any endeavor I pursue in my professional or personal life. I absolutely love being able to spend time with my family at home and my friends downtown who are now all settling into the city! They've all been a part of major life experiences that have shaped the person I am today.  


Tennis          Game Nights          Photography          Movie Marathons          Volunteering          Hiking


My Latest Projects


During my first year at AMC I decided to write about my perfect work/life balance. It helped to write this early in my career so I could grasp what I wanted to achieve at work vs in my personal life. I'm positive I'll always look back at this blog to ensure I always have a healthy balance of both aspects in my life.

So far in my career, I've helped support in-person and virtual events for AMC's clients. I'm happy to share our client's 2020 virtual success in this case study I co-wrote. This really outlines the strives my previous team had made in 2020 and how they'll continue to leverage new skills in 2021. I look forward to the accomplishments I make with TransPerfect!

Image by Christin Hume

I'm proud of a podcast I was part of with two other new association professionals in 2019. I enjoyed sharing my advice and insights on navigating the industry. I loved being able to collaborate with the other panelists on what resources we use, ways to stay positive, and tips on how to take pride in our work.

Conference Crowd
Image by Austin Kehmeier


I'm excited to be a returning volunteer for the Choose Chicago Ambassador Program where I get to help with conferences and support their "We're Glad You're Here" program. In the Fall of 2020, I fundraised for the Take Steps virtual walk put on by the Crohns and Colitis Foundation. In October 2021, I volunteered at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for the first time.