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EXPLAURA 2022 Wrapped

Just like the Spotify wrapped and most recently the trending "dating wrapped" videos on TikTok, I'm pleased to give you a glimpse of my 2022 wrapped. I'm sharing all the trips and events that have kept me so busy this year and sadly leaving EXPLAURA without a single blog post this year, ridiculous!

Below are my biggest reasons for traveling.

Where I've traveled to in the United States:

Visiting Alaska, Washington D.C., and Minnesota were my favorites from this year. I don't believe our Alaskan cruise was exactly what my family expected it to be. However, I couldn't get enough of the snow-topped mountains and picture-perfect sunsets. In Washington D.C. I organized a 5K for my previous employer at Hains Point. It was at the peak of the Cherry Blossom season and our runner turnout surpassed our goals. Heading up to Minnesota was the perfect end to my summer. Kolton and I celebrated our friends beautiful wedding and ended the weekend by going to the Minnesota State Fair for the first time.

What else has kept me busy this year you ask?

There was a new music festival, Heat Wave, that was held in Chicago this summer featuring some of mine and Kolton's favorite EDM artists. We obviously had to test it out and you'll likely see me there again in 2023.

I was thankful that I was able to travel to four different countries this year: Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Amsterdam...twice! It was mostly all work and no play, okay a little bit of play. I was able to arrive a day early in Amsterdam to celebrate Kings Day. A national holiday were everyone gets decked out in Orange and celebrates on the streets and on boats all through the canals. Shortly you'll get to hear more about the new places and events I'll be working in with my new company.

My only stressor this year was finding an apartment for Kolton and I. If you were on the hunt in Chicago this past summer I'd love to hear your experience because I can say mine was treacherous. With less than a month to find a place we had finally secured a pretty spacious two-bedroom in Wicker Park that I've come to love.

Don't know how I feel about sharing this fact, but...

Without sharing any true blog posts this year I hope this gives some insight to what I've been up to.

Give me a chance to redeem myself next year and you won't regret it. 2023 here we come!

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