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No Longer Stuck in the Suburbs

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I realized very quickly I was not cut out for the twists and turns of apartment hunting in the city. Researching places on Zillow, Hot Pads, almost seemed like a 2nd job. My two roommates and I must have sent each other dozens of options before picking a few to go tour. We saw apartments we liked, loved, hated, and unfortunately lost. The variety of places available in Lake View was somewhat astonishing. You could walk into an apartment with crown molding in the morning and scurry away from another apartment with multiple spiders in the afternoon. One day we were early to every appointment then the next day we running 10 plus minutes late to each. We saw a fair share of exposed brick, roomy decks, and small washer and dryers. Apartment hunting is exhausting. Thankfully my roommates and I found time to get drinks in between tours.

Less than a month ago we found our forever home 1-year lease apartment! I have to say our future landlord did a great job selling the place because we were hooked. He brought us to the 2nd-floor unit to give an idea of how we could decorate ours. After we finished gawking at their place, we took an elevator up to our floor! Hardwood floors, a modern kitchen, private balcony, large was like a dream. But wait, there’s more! Our landlord led us up one more flight of stairs to the rooftop deck and revealed the picture-perfect view of the city. I’m positive I will never get tired of staring at the view and a feeling that my Instagram feed for the next year will contain several photos of it as the backdrop. This apartment had all the pros and no cons *knocks on wood*.

Next thing you know we’re negotiating and signing a lease. Honestly, we didn’t even sign the lease before I sent pictures of the apartment to several of my friends telling them to visit soon. However, I’m not sure how many people we’ll host before we settle in and get our couch delivered. Right now, we are in the process of buying some of the bigger pieces of furniture for our living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. There have been great furniture pieces online that I’ve bought for my bedroom. I tried to copy some Pinterest photos and go with a Scandinavian/Bohemian look but we will see how well that turns out. We’ve got two weeks left and I’m excited to see everything put together in our space.

My roommates and I can’t wait to explore and enjoy everything that the Southport Corridor has to offer. In future blog posts, I’m going to share with everyone the best bar/restaurants/activities we’ve experienced all while staying safe. Wish us luck!

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